An enriching journey of more than 21 years of association with paint industry majors, helped Arvind Chavan develop an eye for precision across various verticals such as Research and Development. Operational Efficiency, Capacity Utilization, and Quality Certification Management.

An Alumna of ICT Mumbai, Mr. Arvind Chavan put forward his first step in the world of paint technology as an aspiring degree holder of B.Tech – Paint Technology. His advent in the real-time paint industry was further boosted by first-hand work experience at various positions within leading MNCs such as BASF Coatings India Pvt Ltd, Akzo Nobel India Ltd, and Peter Lacke India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Chavan has successfully acquired expertise in ASTM and ISO Testing methods of industrial and automotive coatings.

Has an established record of successful trials of PU Top Coats, Metallic Base Coats, PU High Gloss Clear Primers for Industrial, ACE customers, CV Market, and Automotive Customers.

His career profile also marks an international presence in Germany, China, and Korea for active participation in training programs imbibing knowledge of quality maintenance systems.

Some of the renowned names like GM, Hyundai, Ford, TATA, Nissan, etc. fall into the basket of automotive projects handled during the corporate tenure. Today, he is a reliable name to regard for consultancy with finesse on advanced paint systems and technology.
Backed by a strong determination to become instrumental in supplying high-performance paint solutions to multi-faceted industries, Mr. Arvind Chavan is now the Promoter and Director of Pyramid Paints Pvt. Ltd; Pune, India. Through his venture, Mr. Chavan wishes to set a new benchmark in offering customized paint solutions across the automotive, lifestyle, construction, and glass industries, with a difference.
As the man behind the show, Mr. Chavan is a true visionary whose life mantra is to keep fighting the odds unless they pave the way for success..